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Salty Dog T-Shirt Factory - Arrow Rd

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The Salty Dog T-Shirt Factory at 67 Arrow Road carries our full line of Salty Dog gear. This is the store where all the magic happens! Many folks visit Arrow Road just to see our twelve-color, robotic printing press in action. You can even watch our shirts being printed through a custom window. Printing times may vary, but it’s worth the trip just to see where your Salty Dog T-Shirt’s life begins! While visiting, make sure to say, “hello” to our resident macaws! Red Bird, Green Bean and Bailey might just say, “hello,” back! All of the Arrow Road birds can talk, just not always when you’re looking! You may also hear our smart and talkative African Grey, Remy, from our indoor aviary. She prefers a bit more solitude, but is joined by the other three birds at night.

Salty Dog T-Shirt Shop-South Beach

Salty Dog t- shirt factory arrow sign.

Everyone who pays a visit to South Beach Marina Village should stop in at the South Beach Salty Dog T-Shirt Factory to get your official Salty Dog T-Shirt. The abundance of colors and styles, including the original Hanes Beefy-T in 20 shades, ensures you will find something that will fit you to a “T.” And with our special “Color of the Month” only available in-store there is always something new to check out. There are also hats, gifts and collectibles as well as “The Legend of Jake, the Salty Dog” children’s book. The South Beach store is located up the spiral stairs next to Land's End Tavern or up the stairs next to The Salty Dog Ice Cream Shop. While you’re shopping, be sure to check out local celebrities, Roscoe and Earnest. Earnest is a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot and Roscoe is a Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot that live upstairs and are sure to greet guests with a “Hello” or “Goodbye.”

Jake's Cargo

Salty Dog t- shirt factory arrow sign.
DAILY 9 AM - 11 PM

Just a hop, skip and a jump from the South Beach Salty Dog T-Shirt Factory, in the courtyard next to the South Beach Inn is Jake’s Cargo. Jake’s Cargo is a bit bigger than the T-Shirt Shop, so in addition to all of the T-shirt styles you’ll find all kinds of other Salty Dog gear, especially for your pets. Collars, leashes, toys, bandanas and more are sure to satisfy even the pickiest pets. Jake’s Cargo is also the full time home of Captain, Kiwi and Cherokee, the feathered friends that hang out in the courtyard trees during the day. Kiwi is the first Salty Dog resident and is a blue and gold macaw. He was entrusted to our crew in 1991 by Captain John Braddock. Captain is a scarlet macaw who likes peanuts and seeing all the smiling faces at South Beach. Cherokee, another blue and gold macaw, is the youngest of the bunch and loves apples and other fresh fruit.

Salty Dog T-Shirt Factory-Tanger 2

Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 10am - 7pm

Conveniently accessible from Highway 278 (Fording Island Road) and the Bluffton Parkway, the Salty Dog T-Shirt Factory at Tanger 2 is a must-stop destination for Hilton Head visitors and locals alike. Located in the vibrant Tanger 2 Outlets, our spacious showroom boasts all of our newest fashions, iconic favorites, and great gifts for young and old. Visit our Tie-Dye station, where our crew is on-hand to help you create your own unique memento. Join us at the Tanger 2 location, adjacent to the Salty Dog Cafe of Bluffton, for great food, shopping and special events.

Blue Water Bait and Tackle Shop


Blue Water Bait and Tackle Shop in South Beach Marina offers not only bait, fishing tackle, t-shirts, crabbing supplies and fishing gear, but also the most exciting charter fishing experience in the area. With a full fleet of charter boats, our experienced captains are local experts with loads of tips and tricks to increase your chances of a successful trip. In addition, South Beach Marina is the closest marina to the ocean - which means more time on the water and better odds for catching even more fish! Schedule your charter here.

South Beach General Store

DAILY 8 AM - 10 PM

The South Beach General Store has a fresh, new look and is your go-to for grocery and personal care essentials, beer and wine, as well as fun, island-inspired gifts, beach gear and games. The South Beach General Store is located on the waterfront at South Beach Marina Village, Hilton Head Island.

A Shore Thing

Monday-Friday 10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 6 PM

Our Casual Clothing at A Shore Thing is: Perfect for a day at the beach or a visit to your favorite restaurant. Olukai Sandals, Life Is Good, Avalin Sweaters, Habitat, Gear For Sport, Champion, Resort Wear. Nice Selection of Hilton Head Island Icon Apparel. Kids T-Shirts. Beach Wear. Sandals. We are located inside Sea Pines next door to The Salty Dog Cafe. Shop for yourself or take a gift home to your friends. Established 1986. A Shore Thing is located on the waterfront at South Beach Marina Village, Hilton Head Island.

Salty Dog Key West

DAILY 10 AM - 6 PM

Heading South for an adventure in the Keys? Be sure to come hangout with our Salty Dog crew on Simonton St & Olivia. Loaded with official Salty Dog Key West gear, as well as all of your original Salty Dog favorites, no trip to Key West is complete without a Salty Dog visit.

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