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Doug A. Won 2 Scavenger Hunts By Carefully Studying The Clues And Only Submitting 4 Guesses. Great Job!

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WINNER December 23
Doug wins again!
This time a $150 Shopping Spree
Time Stamp of 10:52 AM

Doug has won 2 times with a total of 4 guesses.

CLUE 1: Maybe I just don't want to look that way.

CLUE 2: Could this be the end of the line for me?

CLUE 3: Just try to look me in my eye and tell me I am the only one.

CLUE 4: Add up the first 3 clues then count all the way backwards and there you will find me.

CLUE 5: Zoom! Age is just a number.
The Salty Dog Cafe is 36. Count me alone as #34...

ANSWER #10: The little guy in the far back line, left side - looking away.
You can only see his one eye of the 34 total dogs.

WINNER December 18
Hallie won another Shopping Spree!
$75 this time!
with a Time Stamp of 8:17 am

CLUE 1: You definitely look real nice in Salty Dog GEAR!

CLUE 2: What a PERFECT FIT and that color really SUITS you!

ANSWER #9: The Bottle Suits -
because they are found in the Gear category in the online store, their title is Bottle "Suits," and their description states that "they are designed to 'fit perfectly'."

WINNER December 16
Chelsea won a $75 Shopping Spree
with a Time Stamp of 8:53 am

CLUE 1: They might be bigger than me but I am more valuable.

CLUE 2: Though you may be able to see right thru me,
my true worth is not apparent.

ANSWER #8: The $7.50 lone wine glass with no price tag
standing next to the larger $6.50 pint & pilsner glasses.

WINNER December 13
David won a $50 Shopping Spree His First Guess!
with a Time Stamp of 9:18 am

CLUE: I'm a stand-up kinda guy.

ANSWER #7: The VR camera in the mirror.

WINNER December 12
Doug won a $50 Shopping Spree With 1 Guess!
with a Time Stamp of 9:11 am

CLUE: If you happen to give a hoot, I am worth about $1.65 a square foot.

ANSWER #6: The Salty Dog Stadium Blanket

WINNER December 10
Amanda won a $100 Shopping Spree
with a Time Stamp of 9:51 pm

CLUE 1: So he says, "I will gladly pay you on Tuesday
if you will kindly do this today."

CLUE 2: When you have my invoice ready
you can stick it right here.

CLUE 3: Once you know the answer...
you will definitely see the point!

ANSWER #5: The BILL on the billfish!

WINNER December 7
Debra won a $125 Shopping Spree
with a Time Stamp of 9:29 am

CLUE 1: Life is like a song.
Keep On was a popular '80s song.

CLUE 2: Every Day It's Work, Work & More Work.

CLUE 3: Just Keep On doing what you are doing.

CLUE 4: This Helps Us "Keep The Lights On"

ANSWER #4: Light Switch with a sticker that says "Keep On"

WINNER December 2
Hallie won a $100 Shopping Spree
with a Time Stamp of 12:31 pm

CLUE: Am I really what they say I am?

ANSWER #3: Salt Water Taffy
PS: Recipes for Salt Water Taffy do not contain actual saltwater

WINNER December 1
Alex won a $100 Shopping Spree
with a Time Stamp of 10:37 am

CLUE: I love hanging out with you guys, but I'm just so different...

ANSWER #2: Our Ornament-Shaped Air Freshener
Hanging on the Christmas Tree

WINNERS November 30
1st Place $75 to Abby
2nd Place $50 to Iris

CLUE: I'm Checking Out!

ANSWER #1: Jake Checking Out at Time Clock

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