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South Beach Current Weather Conditions

32° 06' 59"N  80° 49' 52"W
CURRENT CONDITIONS: 04/01/15 at 5:16am
Temperature: 63.5 °F Wind: SSW at 10.0 mph Todays Rainfall: 0.03"
Humidity: 85%   Gusting to 38.0 mph This Month: 0.03"
Barometer: Steady This Year: 6.29"
Sea Surface: 60.0 °F    
Inside Temp: 70.1 °F    
Wind Average: 12.0 mph    

- Today - - This Month - - This Year -
High Wind Speed High Wind Speed High Wind Speed
38.0 mph at 12:32am 38.0 mph 48.0 mph
Low Temperature Low Temperature Low Temperature
63.5 °F at 3:12am 63.5 °F 25.5 ° F
High Temperature High Temperature High Temperature
70.3 °F at 12:20am 70.3 ° F 81.2 ° F


Water Surface (F)
Current Tides at South Beach Marina
Green Clock = Tide Falling with Low Tide at Bottom of Clock
Blue Clock = Tide Rising with High Tide at Top of Clock
Red Clock = Negative Low

Current Eastern Standard Time in Center of Clock
Current Tide Height on Face of Clock

All current weather data is for South Beach Marina, Hilton Head Island SC. Compiled solely through the Salty Dog Weather Station.
All forecast data is for the Hilton Head Island area and is compiled through the NOAA weather data API and forecast.io.